Husqvarna introduces off-road ABS

For now, Husqvarna's fitted their new ABS system to their TE449.
For now, Husqvarna's fitted their new ABS system to their TE449.

Most off-roaders don’t want anti-lock brakes on their motorcycles, but Husqvarna is trying to change that.

Like parent company BMW, Husky is coming out with an off-road ABS system, with one difference – it’s designed with racing in mind.They’ve fitted it to their flagship model, the TE449.

Their press release says it was put together with components from BMW and Husqvarna, combined to construct what’s called a “dual-channel” system, consisting of two wheel sensors and the associated pulse wheels for detecting the rotational speeds of the front and rear wheels, an ABS pressure modulator, a hydraulic system and an electronic control unit. The whole system only weighs 1.5 kg.

To ensure riders still have the same off-road braking dynamics they’re used to, only the front wheel has ABS – riders can still lock up the rear wheel at will.

The timing for a system like this is important – if the EU really does move to an ABS requirement for most motorcycles, the first manufacturer to offer a competent system for dual-sports will enjoy a huge advantage in the market.



  1. In looking at the specs for the 2013 TE449, there’s no mention of ABS brakes. Is this a future plan or is it not destined for North America?

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