KTM 690 Duke teaser

Who knows? If KTM gets enough views from North America, maybe they'll import the 690 here, as well.

Surprise, surprise! Here’s another motorcycle teaser!

It doesn’t seem like we’ll see this motorcycle imported to North America anytime soon, since it wasn’t on their secret dealer meeting list, but here’s a YouTube teaser trailer for KTM’s new 690 Duke, coming in 2012.

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  1. Obviously not shot in Ontario, the video would end with the rider having the bike impounded for street racing, i.e. the wheelie and likely other aspects of this ride.  Too bad we can’t enjoy bikes this way anymore.  Fun has been taken out of our sport (yes I know  those who obey the law will disagree) and that’s why I stopped riding (hooray from those who obey the law).

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