More automatic transmissions on the way from Honda

What's old is new again. Honda seems to be making a return to automatic transmissions, although this time around they aren't calling them Hondamatics, and low rider styling has gone out the window. Photo:

Reports say that Honda is going to release two more dual-clutch transmission bikes in 2012, the NS700S and NS700X.

According to Visordown, the two machines will feature the same second-generation dual-clutch automatic transmission, 670cc engine, and 270-degree crank that’s found in Honda’s just-launched Integra.

The Integra blurs the lines between a motorcycle and a scooter, but the NS700S will feature naked bike styling, and the NS700X will be styled similar to Honda’s Crossrunner, Visordown says. For now, we’ll just have to take their word for it.

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