Corduroy Trail and Dual Sport Ride

Corduroy Trail and Dual Sport Ride
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26th Sep 2016 - 27th Sep 2016

About the event

Rally Connex’s Corduroy Trail and Dual Sport Ride gives you a chance to watch the pro racing of the Enduro Championship, then hit the trails yourself on the Saturday. This is an aggressive ride and all bikes need to be blue plate legal and equipped with aggressive tires. Each team must have a GPS for the route and there will be sweep riders and support staff to follow and assist if required.  Gas will be from local gas bars, with no more than 90 km between stops.

Sunday features an easier dual-sport ride that will piggyback over some of the enduro racers’ 180 km course. You will also have the chance to ride some of the difficult sections if you choose (proper bike setup and skills required).

The event fee is $45 a day and camping is available on the grounds and meals will be catered by local volunteer groups with the purchase of a meal plan ticket.  You can find more information at Rally Connex’s website here.

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