Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally

Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally
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13th May 2016 - 15th May 2016
@ Elmhirst`s Resort

About the event

Presented by DualSport Plus, the Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally is organized by Ontario’s Rally Connex, who do a few of these events over the year. The EOAR is a three day event with the main riding day on the Saturday and offers three different routes of various difficulties (All Pavement – 400km, Gravel/Pavement – 400km & Off Road – 300km) to accommodate all types of riders.

Each route is guided and includes a lunch stop and gas stops and can be ridden individually or in a group. They start and stop at the resort, which is quite handy.

Located at Elmhirst Resort on Rice Lake (just east of Toronto) riders can choose to stay in sheltered onsite accommodation or camp, with meals provided. After the ride on the Saturday will be a BBQ and bonfire so that you can share some tall stories with your fellow riders.

More info at http://www.rallyconnex.com/eoarinfo.html

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