Fundy Adventure Rally

Fundy Adventure Rally
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8th Sep 2016 - 11th Sep 2016
@ Adair's wilderness lodge

About the event

This four-day event is organized by CMG’s sister company, Canada Moto Rallies and incorporates four days of events with two main rides on the Saturday. Thursday kicks off with rider training and then Friday adds demo rides from Honda and BMW as well as workshops and seminars. Both days offer self guided tours of the area as well.

The main ride day is Saturday with the 500+km/12 hour A-B-C Team ride (requires a team of 2, 3 or 4 riders with teams provided with a Spot device and GPS tracks to follow) or the easier 6 hour Scavenger hunt ride for solo riders and those looking for a little less of a challenge.  Sunday has an awards breakfast with the rally ending after that.

Cost is $295 for team captains, $245 for team riders, $195 for Scavenger riders (4 day pass) or $75 for scavenger riders (1 day pass). The four-day pass includes a camping pass for 4 nights (Wednesday – Saturday nights), Meal pass, 2016 limited edition FAR T-shirt, all self-guided tours, workshops, seminars, and presentations and the Fundy Trailway Tour and the BMW and Honda Demo Rides.

More info at Registration closes June 30th or when sold out (likely). Come and get dirty down east!

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