New Triumph Rocket 3 Storm: More Power For 2024

The Triumph Rocket 3 is back! Not that you probably were too worried, but earlier today, Triumph confirmed its big-bore cruiser would return for another year, and now the standard models (the lineup has two machines) make more power than ever. Sort of.

Previously, the most powerful Rocket 3 model was the limited-production TFC model (roughly analogous to Harley-Davidson’s CVO line). That machine made 180 hp; now, the new-for-2024 Triumph Rocket 3 Storm R and GT models both make 180 hp at 7,000 rpm. That’s a jump of 15 hp over the previous standard models, and a redline that’s 1000 rpm higher. Max torque is now a claimed 166 lb-ft at 4,000 rpm, a very slight bump over the previous model.

The R model is less money, with a sportier riding stance. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

The engine itself looks basically the same; it’s an overgrown triple, with cylinders running front-to-back, instead of side-to-side like Triumph’s other triples. Displacement is a whopping 2,458 cc.

Like you’d expect, this liquid-cooled engine (six-speed gearbox, shaft drive) has a modern ride-by-wire throttle setup. This allows Triumph to more carefully control emissions (this bike is now Euro 5 legal), but it also allows the designers to program in riding modes. Your throttle sensitivity, traction control, ABS interference and other electronic safety apparatus is controlled by these modes. Cruise control is standard. Pay extra, and you can get a quickshifter, too.

You move through the bike’s various electronic options through a joystick on the handlebar, and there’s a TFT screen that makes navigating the menus easy.

The GT is supposed to be more of a cruiser; it’s a muscle bike at heart. PHOTO CREDIT: Triumph

A racy 17-inch wheel up front lets you run sporty rubber; in back, there’s a 16-inch wheel. Very cruiser-esque! And speaking of cruisers—the GT and R sub-models have basically the same chassis (aluminum frame, Showa adjustable fork and shock, Brembo Stylema M4.30 front brakes), but the GT has a handlebar with more pullback and a more relaxed riding position. The R is the more sporty model.

However, those sporting intentions will probably be somewhat tempered by a claimed 317 kg wet weight for the R; the GT is about 320 kg, fuelled-up.

Naturally, Triumph has a big package of accessories available for these machines. Asking price for the R is $28,995; the GT will cost you a grand more. Details here!

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