Coming In Hot: KTM 1390 Super Duke R Evo

1390 Super Duke
Braaaaapppp! The new 1390 engine has piles of power and a lot of electro-trickery to manage it. Credit: KTM

Well, check this out: KTM has indeed done what we suspected they’d do. The 2024 KTM 1390 Super Duke R EVO will be here soon, celebrating the Duke lineup’s 30th birthday with even more muscle and maneuverability.

LC8 gets more power

The LC8 V-twin was last seen in 1290 configuration. Now, thanks to a larger bore, it grows to 1350 cc. It also gets variable valve timing to allow more efficiency. Major maintenance intervals stretch to 60,000 km now, and the bike makes 190 hp at the crank. KTM claims a 1-1 power-to-weight ratio now (so presumably dry weight is 190 kg, as wet weight is 211 kg). Claimed torque output is 107 lb-ft.

The chassis is upgraded

That’s a lot of power, but great power comes with great responsibility to put that power to the ground. You need proper suspension on a bike like this, and KTM gives the bike semi-active WP Apex fork and shock. The front and back end will auto-adjust to your riding conditions. The 1390 Super Duke R EVO comes with five modes (Auto, Comfort, Rain, Street, and Sport) as pre-sets. Riders can pay extra and add Track and Pro as part of the Suspension Pro pack.

This package also includes a anti-dive function and a launch assist feature that will hold your front end nice and planted just like a MotoGP ride height device. Looks like all that GP sponsorship program money is finally trickling down to KTM’s street lineup?

Brembo Stylema brake calipers bite down on 320 mm discs up front, and there’s a more pedestrian two-piston caliper with 240 mm disc in rear.

Styling stays the course

The Duke lineup has always been about bold, brash visuals, and the new 1390 carries that on. There’s even a set of aerodynamic winglets on the front of the bike, built into all that angular plastic. Whether or not they actually do much is a good question indeed, but they’re there.

There’s a new set of daytime running lights to go with the LED headlight, and tank capacity grew to 17.5 liters. That means a bit more potential range, always good in any bike, and makes it a bit more usable in the real world.

1390 Super Duke
You can indeed turn anti-wheelie off, if you want! Credit: KTM

Electronics meet expectations

The 1390 gets the usual IMU-managed electronics: Leaning-sensitive ABS and traction control, riding modes (Street, Rain and Sport modes as stock) and anti-wheelie control. Booooo! Who wants a Duke that has neutered wheelie potential?

If you’re disappointed, note that the new Duke can be had with Performance and Track riding modes added. Track mode turns the 5-inch TFT into more of a race-focused display, with lap times and telemetry details. It also allows riders to switch off the anti-wheelie and enable launch control.

In Performance mode, riders get cruise control, can turn off anti-wheelie, and can dial in their throttle response and traction control feedback on-the-fly, same as KTM’s adventure bikes allow you to do.

All in all, a big upgrade to the series. We understand the new machines are going to be here in time for the 2024 riding season, but KTM has not given us a price tag yet.


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