Moto Guzzi Reveals The New Stelvio

Credit: Moto Guzzi

Remember the Moto Guzzi Stelvio? It was one of the better-liked long-termer motorcycles in CMG’s distant history, back when that sort of thing was common! But alas, Moto Guzzi dropped it from their lineup roughly around the same time that long-termers went out of style… and we’ve missed both of those ideas ever since.

Well, the Stelvio’s back for 2024. Moto Guzzi took the engine from its V100 Mandello—which is basically a liquid-cooled version of the V85 engine—and stuck it in an ADV platform. Like the original Stelvio, the new one is more of a street bike than a dirt bike, but it can certainly be pushed hard if you choose that route. If you’ve been to the Fundy Adventure Rally, you’ve seen it happen.

The DOHC “small block” 1042 cc engine (the liquid cooling allows them to shrink the size of the cases) makes about 113 hp at 8,500 rpm and 77 lb-ft of torque at 6,750 rpm. Of course, a shaft drive is standard, as always with Guzzis. It comes with ride-by-wire throttle that allows much electro-trickery, including five ride modes (Tourism, Rain, Street, Sport, and Off-Road, with ABS and TC systems tied to these) and an optional radar-powered cruise control system.

This uses a sensor array to maintain a steady following distance when the bike’s brains detect a vehicle in the lane ahead. When the way is clear, the cruise control system will maintain a steady speed as per usual. The radar system also functions as blind spot detector.

Front and rear wheels are 19-inch and 17-inch respectively, with tubeless spoked rims. The frame is steel tubing, using the engine as a stressed member. Moto Guzzi used the engine as a stressed member of the chassis, and the design adds an extra mounting point over the layout used on the V100 Mandello, for more rigidity.

The Sachs fork has preload and rebound adjustability, as does the KYB shock. There are dual 320 mm discs up front ad a single 280 mm disc in rear. The front calipers are four-pot assemblies from Brembo.

The Stelvio also comes with full LED lights, including a cornering headlight that “sees into” corners thanks to input from sensors.

In total, a big update for Moto Guzzi. We hope to see it on our shores next riding season. We’ll share more info when we get it!

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