Big Overhaul For Moto Guzzi V85 Models

Behold the Moto Guzzi V85 Strada! This is the most road-going version of the V85 platform. Credit: Moto Guzzi

Moto Guzzi’s V85 series has now been around long enough that it’s time for a overhaul, and that’s what we get for 2024. While the chassis doesn’t really change, the V85 TT and V85 TT Travel get new IMU-governed safety systems and a variable valve timing system in their top end. And, Moto Guzzi has added a new, third model to this series, the V85 Strada.

The IMU-powered electronics will take these bikes into the modern era of safety, with lean angle-sensitive ABS and traction control. This is a six-axis sensor, and combined with a ride-by-wire throttle, we now see Road, Rain and Sport ride modes as standard, as well as Off-Road mode for the standard TT and Travel variant. In Off-Road mode, you can turn off ABS at the front and rear is auto-disabled; traction control also interferes less. Engine response is also obviously governed by the ride mode you’re in.

The standard V85 TT is more road-oriented than it likes to admit, but a skid plate and hand guards will help you if you actually decide to head off-pavement. Credit: Moto Guzzi

And that engine is now more powerful for 2024, to go along with cleaner emissions thanks to the variable valve timing. We haven’t seen a whole lot of details on the VVT setup, but Moto Guzzi says the updated air-cooled transverse V-twin makes 80 hp at 7,750 rpm, which is about a 4 hp boost from the previous model. Max torque is 61 lb-ft. at 5,100 rpm, and Moto Guzzi says the bike makes most of that torque starting at 3,500 rpm, which is helpful in an adventure travel bike.

The only major change to the suspension is a remote preload adjuster on the TT and Travel models.

There’s a bit of a change to the speedometer and grab bar trim, and a restyled windshield that is supposed to offer more comfort.

None of these machines look very different for 2024; the changes are inside the electronics package and the engine. The Travel variant, seen here, comes with a remote preload adjustment knob for the shock, same as the TT model. Credit: Moto Guzzi

And then,  there’s the new V85 Strada. Taking a look at the title image, you can see it’s lost almost all off-road pretensions, with street rubber, no skid plate and no hand guards. While the bike is basically the same, those changes do cut a bit of weight. Claimed curb weight is 225 kg for this machine about 4 kg less than the standard TT and 17 kg lighter than the Travel model, which comes with more equipment to make it suitable for touring.

We presume all three of these bikes will appear in Canada by summer of 2024, but we have not seen any announcement of pricing yet.

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