Look And Listen: Harley-Davidson’s New Made-In-India X440

Credit: Harley-Davidson

Harley-Davidson is getting ready to launch its new made-in-India X440, and as such we get this aural teaser:

Would you call that a single-cylinder version of “potato-potato,” or something else? While that exhaust note might not sound quite as rumbly in person, what we’ve got above certainly sounds much more, errrrr, “soulful” than most of the made-in-India single-cylinders we’ve seen.

But then again: A YouTube soundtrack is one thing, a real-world sound is another. Still, it is most intriguing to see the Motor Company returning to single-cylinder production after decades away (unless you count the Buell Blast), and it’s going to be interesting to see where they take the X440.

The bike’s retro street tracker styling is spot-on, and Hero certainly has the manufacturing capacity and experience to crank out thousands of these things for the Indian market. There, they have hundreds of thousands of potential customers. Although there has been some interest from North American riders, the market in the US and Canada is much, much smaller.

At this point, it sounds as if the bike isn’t coming to western markets anyway. Supposedly, the deal will see this machine only sold in India. Does that mean Hero plans to use the tech itself for bikes sold to other markets? It would be foolish to predict how this might play out in the future, but with Harley-Davidson now signing deals with both Chinese and Indian OEMs, it seems likely that at some point, we shall see machines from those deals coming to Canada.

For India, though—we will see the bike launched on July 3. No doubt that country’s moto-press will have plenty to say when that happens.


  1. I agree . Looking for a small frugal bike but looks like I am going to have to sell my left nut as the fees are ridiculous. For example – Priced up a Royal Enfield Hunter 350 at $5500.00 .After fees was $8500.00 !!!!! That’s over 50 percent in fees!! ( Atlantic Motoplex N.B. ) XL150R where are you? ( $ 5500.00 otd ) CF Moto NK 300 ( $6500.00 otd ) Venom Motorsports X250R MAX ( $3800.00 otd ) Hmmmmmm.

  2. That brief sound clip was not inspiring. It sounded more like the aftermath of a bad meal at Taco Bell than anything resembling an exciting motorcycle.

    • At first I thought the Taco Bell comments was just snark – but then I watched (and listened) to the video clip. Yikes! Less “potato-potato” and more rank flatulence! Gawd-awful.

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