Surron Teams Up With Amateur Motocross Ontario!

Credit: Surron

Are you a proud owner of a Surron electric offroad bike? If you’re tired of off tootling around in the woods by yourself and you want to prove how fast you are on-track, good news: Surron Canada is putting together a race series for you.

The new 2023 Ontario Light Bee Motocross Series only allows Surron Light Bee dirt bikes, with races at five different venues this year, from May through September. See the sched below:


Date    Track      Location

  • May 20, Sand Del Lee, Ottawa
  • June 10, Gopher Dunes, Courtland
  • July 1, Walton Raceway, Walton
  • August 26, Auburn Hills, Auburn,
  • September 23, Motopark, Chatsworth,

Some motocrossers might look at those dates and go “Waitamminnit…” Those are the same weekends as the Amateur Motocross Ontario series. That’s because Surron is partnered with AMO this season, with the Light Bee events running the Saturday evenings of AMO weekends, along with pit bike races and parent/racer relays.

“AMO runs a professional operation and it’s great to grow our partnership into a series in 2023,” said Graeme Jones, chief marketeer for Surron Canada. “This year is about giving both new and experienced riders in different regions the chance to come out and experience racing in a low-pressure, welcoming environment.” Surron’s press release says more details, including registration and regulations, will be announced in the coming weeks.

But wait, there’s more! Along with the new Ontario race series, Surron also has plans for racing out West. The Surron Light Bee Night Show returns to the Western Canadian Amateur Nationals (WCAN—BC’s biggest MX race), with support from Outlaw Motorsports. Moving indoors to arenacross (where electric dirt bikes make a lot of sense), Surron will also return to the Future West Moto Arenacross championship later this year. Surron says there’s also an announcement coming for Quebec.

By the way: If you aren’t familiar with Surron, chances are you will be soon enough. You can see our past coverage of the brand here. This battery bike brand seems more serious about our market than just about any other manufacturer, and there are offroad riders across the country interested in trying out their latest and greatest, judging by the traffic we saw at the MMIC show circuit this winter.



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