New For ’23: Indian Pursuit Elite (And The Chieftain Elite Returns)

Credit: Indian

Indian is busy expanding its lineup with remixes of its existing platforms, and thus we have the new Pursuit Elite announced today.

Like many of Indian’s top-tier models, the Pursuit Elite is a limited edition machine with premium features added to an existing platform, and then a flashy finish applied.

In this case, as the name implies, the Pursuit Elite is based on Indian’s standard Pursuit model, with what the PR calls “premium Super Graphite Metallic and Black Metallic paint with Shadow Bronze Chrome accents.”

Mechanically speaking, this bike uses the same 108 ci liquid-cooled PowerPlus V-twin as the Pursuit; this is no hot-rod model. It has the same 122 hp and 128 lb-ft of torque as the base model, as that makes it much easier to deal with regulators.

However, not all the hard parts are the same! The Pursuit Elite gets new Fox shocks with electronically-adjustable preload, easily adjusting the suspension performance whether you’re riding solo, with a passenger, or with luggage. The suspension stiffness is controlled from the bike’s 7-inch touchscreen dash, which also comes with Polaris’ proprietary Ride Command infotainment system and Apple CarPlay, with turn-by-turn navigation and Indian’s Powerband Audio system. The bike’s onboard sound system comes with built-in amplifiers, a nine-band equalizers and 16 speakers. Steppenwolf never sounded so good.

The standard Pursuit series comes with modern safety electronics, and so does the Pursuit Elite, including Smart Lean Technology. This system uses a Bosch IMU to manage traction control, ABS and engine torque to help you keep everything upright. The bike also has backlight switch cubes so you can see the controls easier at night. The Pathfinder Adaptive LED Headlight comes standard, using smart tech to “see into” corners at night, along with Pathfinder S driving lights and even saddlebag lights. You should have plenty of visibility once the sun goes down.

Heated seats come standard for both rider and passenger, with adjustable levels.

Pricing in Canada starts at $47,999 MSRP. More photos and deets at Indian’s website here.

2023 Indian Chieftain Elite. Credit: Indian

Chieftain Elite

Indian’s PR says “The Chieftain Elite makes the ultimate return in 2023, featuring more aggressive styling and custom-inspired details straight from the factory. With only 175 units available globally, the Chieftain Elite is a limited-build and highly exclusive.” Sounds like it’s the same machine that we saw unveiled last year, then. Read about the ’22 machine here, or see it at Indian’s website here. Canadian MSRP for 2023 is $40,499.



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