Rally Connex Plans A Busy Schedule Of Adventure, Enduro Events This Season

Rally Connex is getting ready to tackle 2023 with extreme vigor, with a long, long list of events scheduled for this riding season!


Rally Connex made its name with a series of challenging adventure/dual sport rallies (literally, “Rally” is right there in the name). This year, several familiar favourites return, including:

Eastern Ontario Adventure Rally

Scheduled for June 2-4 out of the Calabogie Peaks Resort. This one has less aggressive routing than Rally Connex’s older events, but it is designed for riders of all talent levels, with optional challenging off-road sections built in, if you want to branch off. The site says the optional sections include “technical single track trails, drop offs & step ups, large rocky terrain, water crossings, multiple downed trees on the trail and bushwhacking.” Or you can opt for the easier Gravel & Pavement route: “A full day’s worth of the best twisty and scenic gravel and paved roads Eastern Ontario has to offer. Some gravel road sections will be unmaintained roads with very little difficulty to overcome. Any 50/50 Adventure bike tire will take you through these sections with ease.” More details here.

Dacre Rally

No longer the Paris-Dacre; runs out of Dacre, Ontario, as the name implies. This legendary GPS-guided event is scheduled for July 6-9 this year, with a 750-kilometre run the highlight of the event. This run has separate categories depending what style of bike you ride (adventure, dual sport, etc.), and also has an ATV/UTV class. The website says “This is not a day tour, it’s all about personal and bike preparation, machine reliability, self sufficiency, team work, planning, navigation and camaraderie. It is considered a level 5 out of 5 on our difficulty scale. Be aware that you will be relying on your support team and yourself to take care of any problems that may arise.” Sounds like fun, more details here.

Rockhound Rally

Another tough off-road event, with perhaps more emphasis on bush-bashing than the Dacre. The website says “This is a one day GPS guided event in the Kawartha and Madawaska highlands. Designed for the avid trail rider or a competitive enthusiast for both Enduro/Dualsport or Adventure bike riders. The Rock Hound Rally consists of multiple off-road challenges to choose from within a prescribed loop. Challenges range from easy to very hard terrain to conquer.” Although this event started as sort of an hard-enduro-for-dual-sport event, there are easier sections for big-bore ADVs now. This one runs August 18-20, with the ride on the 19th; more details here.

Corduroy Trail & Dual Sport/ADV Ride

Running September 24-25, same weekend as the Corduroy Enduro, out of the same area in Gooderham. Rally Connex says “This is an opportunity to follow the efforts of the participants competing in the Corduroy Enduro and also having a chance to ride famous race sections all without the stress of racing. Camping is available on the grounds and the meals are available by local volunteer organizations at the start and finish.” This is a great chance to enjoy the Cord while getting in a ride of your own; more details here.

Fall Colours ADV, Dual Sport Ride & Street Ride

End the season with this September 29-October 1 weekend run. There are training classes over the weekend as well as a Saturday spent “riding various terrain between Creemore, Blue Mountain, Terra Nova, and much more. Enjoy the fall colours while riding in a vast array of conditions.” More info here.


Rally Connex has always had plenty of training classes. This year, some of the dates are up in the air, but expect GPS navigation classes (crucial, if you want to understand how to run Rally Connex’s event and you’re a GPS noob) as well as riding classes, probably including ladies-only classes. Your best bet is to keep an eye on the Rally Connex page here for updates, but generally speaking, most of Rally Connex’s weekend events include rider and/or GPS training, so that’s an option if nothing else comes up on the schedule this year.



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