BMW S1000RR Overhauled For 2023

Photo: BMW

BMW will sell a new and improved S1000RR for 2023, with changes to just about every system on the bike.

Let’s start with the engine, where the German engineers have managed to squeeze another three ponies out of the four-cylinder, pushing max output to 210 hp at 13,750 rpm and 83 lb-ft of torque at 11,0000 rpm (those numbers are from the crank, of course—rear wheel output will be less). The engine is still basically the same arrangement, including the variable valve timing top end. BMW hasn’t said a lot about the motor’s mechanical updates, only telling us that the secondary gearing is shorter, to provide more torque.

The electronics are also updated. BMW now includes its Slide Control function as part of the Dynamic Traction Control system, allowing riders to select an allowable drift angle for their traction control program. Then, they can rip out of corners slideways, supermoto-style, until that max lean angle hits—then traction control kicks in.

There’s a similar Brake Slide Assist function that basically does the same thing upon braking, not acceleration, and it’s mostly intended to help riders slide around corners on-track. Track riders can also opt for the “Slick” mode in ABS Pro.

Other electrical changes: The lightweight battery that used to be only on the M model, or the performance kit, is now standard for all machines. There’s a USB charging port in the tail section, and the wiring harness is redesigned to make it easier to remove the licence plate frame.

On to the chassis. The frame itself is designed to be more flexible, and the geometry changes a bit, with mounting points moved around. The optional M performance kit includes an adjustable swingarm pivot point and jacked-up tail section. There’s a new front fairing section with winglets, a higher windshield and some other minor tweaks.

BMW also included loss-proof axle bushings and redesigned the brakes to make it easier to remove the rear wheel. There’s a GoPro mount available as an official BMW accessory, along with an M GPS Mouse Adapter.

How will the rest of the industry respond? We’ll see; show season is just beginning.

Canadian MSRP for the new S1000RR is $20,395. See more deets at the Canadian BMW Motorrad website.

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