New Ducati Multistrada V4 Rally: Muscle and Off-Road Capability

Ducati’s just beefed up the Multistrada line again. Although the series has long been seen as road-biased, the new Multistrada V4 Rally is aimed at users who want to push onward once the asphalt runs out.

The name reminds us that this bike runs Ducati’s 1170 cc Granturismo engine, putting out 170 hp from a V4 closely related to the Panigale superbike. That’s plenty of muscle, but Ducati also built in 15,000-km intervals for major servicing, to keep ownership costs down.

There’s a 19-inch front wheel as standard, unlike many of the old Multis, which came with 17-inchers. This larger hoop should serve as the ideal compromise between street handling and off-road capability; it’ll roll over bumps more easily, but still turn in quickly. Also note that both the 19-inch front and 17-inch rear are spoked rims, for better durability in the dirt.

Suspension travel of 200 mm front and back will also help even out the off-road riding, along with latest-gen Skyhook DSS EVO suspension, electronically auto-adjusting your settings to match speed and surface.

The new Multi is aimed at those who want to hit the dirt, not just sticking to pavement. Photo: Ducati

This bike is made to go the distance, with a 30-liter fuel tank that should greatly extend your range. The rest of the bike is designed to the same end; Ducati says it has “First-class comfort for rider and passenger, with an elongated tail and a rearward case fastening for a roomier travel experience.” The bodywork was re-designed to keep airflow off rider and pillion, improving comfort all year long, but especially in the colder months.

Finally, we get Ducati’s optional adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection systems, with front and rear radar sensors.  Other electronic upgrades include an Off-Road power mode that limits power to 115 hp.

Ducati’s website doesn’t list a price for the bike in Canada, but we are sure to see it here for next spring, with MSRP listed in coming weeks.

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