Ducati reveals updated 2023 Panigale V4

Credit: Ducati

Ducati will offer a mildly updated Panigale V4 superbike for 2023, and some of those updates are also going to be available for the 2022-edition model.

As you’d expect, the changes include both software and hardware revisions. As far as the hard parts go, the changes aren’t too extensive. The six-speed gearbox gets an overhaul, with taller first, second and sixth cogs. The EU version of the bike now makes slightly more horsepower, at 215.5 hp at 13,000 rpm, although most users aren’t going to notice that minimal change.

The bodywork also sees updates; the aerodynamic winglets are revised, to offer improved downforce, and the fairing vents directing air towards the cooling system are also redesigned to offer more airflow. The seat and tank also see some minor tweaks.

The chassis sees the swingarm pivot mounting point raised by 4mm, and the front suspension has been swapped out for latest-generation Ohlins NPX 25/30 fork, with electronically-pressurized cartridge and 125mm of travel.

To take advantage of these updated parts, Ducati has also revised the software, starting with new ride-by-wire programming, intended to better calculate the bike’s lean angle into its management of the power output. The traction control system gets similar revised, aimed at providing more optimal power output at all times—when you want torque, you get it.

The quickshifter is also re-programmed for smoother gear changes, and Ducati says the new Engine Brake Control EVO 2 software offers more stability, precision, and better handling on corner entry and under braking.

Obviously the hardware updates are for the 2023 model, but Ducati says dealers can download the software updates to your 2022 model. For more deets, check out the Ducati website.


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