New boutique dealership for Aprilia/Vespa/Moto Guzzi/Piaggio in Montreal

Lots of room for scooters, superbikes and everything in between. Photo: Piaggio Group

Although their provincial government takes a dim view of two-wheeled fun, Quebecers themselves are passionate motorcyclists, and the Piaggio Group recognizes that (talk to an insider at the company next you’re at a moto show—they love the Quebec market!).

So, it’s no surprise that the company is now turning around and has opened one of its new boutique MotoPlex dealerships in Montreal. The new Motos Illimitees will host Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Vespa and Piaggio machines in one showroom; see the video from the opening below:

The new dealership is at 3300 Bd des Entreprises in Terrebonne, and is one of only a handful of such flagship locations around the world. Piaggio Group has been opening these flagship-style dealerships globally for a few years now, which focus on the company’s various sub-brands and their related accessories, clothing and other products, avoiding the dilution of a multi-line dealership. The MotoPlex dealerships include a coffee bar/lounge, and Piaggio Group says its ability to sell multiple options within its own corporate umbrella has been a business booster since this model was introduced. Indeed, given the wide range of machines under the Piaggio Group umbrella, from small-cc scooters to big-bore ADVs and retros, it totally makes sense to make this a one-stop shopping destination for gearheads.

“The extension of this retail flagship concept for Piaggio Group has been a critical element to our global retail vision. The right retail environment to showcase our brands is a top priority, and with Motos Illimitees, we have partnered with the right dealership, to support one of the most passionate two-wheeled markets in the Americas, in Montreal,” said Piaggio Group Americas’ CEO/President when the new dealership opened. “We are pleased to welcome this flagship into our network, and are happy to see the success they are already generating with the Piaggio brands.”


    • MotoPlex is Piaggio’s term for this format of a dealership, not a relation to dealerships like Atlantic MotoPlex

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