New BMW M1000 RR commemorative model: 50 Years of M

BMW’s M-series vehicles are world-recognized high-performance machines. As of 2020, the M-class has come to the Motorrad division as well, not just cars. And now, as the company celebrates 50 years of the M-series, we’re getting a motorcycle to match. The new BMW M1000 RR 50 Years M anniversary model will come to Canada later this year with special-edition paint and a performance parts package to match.

When you see this bike, you’ll first-off notice the bright Sao Paulo Yellow paint, with the 50 Years BMW M emblem leaving no doubt as to what you’re looking at. Looking closer, you might notice the machine also gets the M Competition Package as standard, including milled alloy parts and lots of carbon-fiber as well. There’s a lighter, silver-anodized swingarm, the long-lasting M Endurance drivechain, optional pillion seat cover, and the buyer gets the unlock code for the M-package GPS laptrigger as well as other race-driven electro-trickery.

Underneath all the flash parts and bright paint, you get BMW’s reliable four-cylinder S1000-series engine, making 212 horsepower and 83 lb-ft of torque.

Will these machines actually see the track, then? The M-series motorcycles aren’t really tearing up race series around the world, but who knows? No doubt some plucky owners will at least take their machine out for some track day fun, despite its price tag.

Speaking of which: When the commemorative bikes arrive in Canada later this season, BMW expects a base MSRP of $48,880 (in case you wondered, the base model has a $32,495 MSRP in Canada—see more details here). If that’s still outside your price range, well, there’s the Lego version, if you can find one (it’s cheaper on insurance and running costs, too!).

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