Build your own BMW M1000 RR (with some help from Lego)

Photo: BMW

Lego just announced its most recent Technic motorcycle model, with the BMW M1000 RR hyperbike appearing in brick format this winter.

This isn’t the first time Lego has done this—previously, we saw a Ducati Panigale and BMW R1200 GS appear in the Technic series.

The new M1000 RR model follows in similar form, with an exterior that’s generally similar to the real-life bike, but taken down to a 1:5 scale. It’s 45.5 centimetres long, and the set has 1,920 individual pieces. This will be a multi-day project, not something you put together between Christmas present unwrapping and lunch.

Actually, you won’t be able to unwrap this at all this Christmas, since Lego isn’t offering it for sale until January 1, 2022, through its official stores and website. Other retailers will get the model for sales starting March 1, 2022. That’s too bad, but given the backlog in our shipping systems, perhaps it’s best not to be teased by false hope, ordering it and then having it not arrive for December 25 due to supply chain issues.

Like other models in Lego’s Technic line, including previous motorcycle scale models, this will feature many moving parts. BMW’s press release says “These include fully functional components such as the three-speed gearbox, the upside-down fork and the rear swingarm with suspension, as well as the dashboard with three different display options and the gold-coloured drive chain. The included paddock stand and pit board also provide authentic racing flair.

We’ve seen a $229.99 price tag, and we assume that’s USD. We’ll know for sure when the new model set debuts in January.


  1. I got the Harley Fat Boy set. Put the chain together link by link and the pistons move. Reminds me of the old snap together model sets.

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