TMFF celebrates National Canadian Film Day!

Photo: TMFF

What are your plans for today? Cancel them! Today is National Canadian Film Day, and the organizers at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival want you to celebrate with them!

To that end, the good people at the Festival have put together a playlist of Canadian films you can watch through TMFF Cinema (the Festival’s on-demand “Netflix of Motorcycle Movies” program). See here for the selections; you’ll have to pay for some, but the virtual rental fees are nominal! Others are *free* to watch, so you’ve got no excuse.

Today’s Can-Con selections are:

No Highway—A solo ride through northern Quebec and the Maritimes provides opportunity for self-reflection. More details here.

AKA Brokentooth: Canada’s Ice Road Biker—Shot in frigid -35°C temperatures, Canada’s lone ice road motorcyclist battles the odds on two wheels. More details here.

A Road Less Travelled—A 1,000 km trip into the North West Territories in the middle of winter on some of the wildest ice roads in Canada. More details here.

Which Way is East—To celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, two friends take bikes that are barely running on a road trip from Edmonton, Alberta to the eastern tip of Nova Scotia and back again. More details here.

Marauder—In a world ravaged by nuclear fallout and stripped bare, a lone marauder wanders the  broken highways. More details here.

For other fun activities, you can make an origami moose with your kids with instructions from here, or head to the National Canadian Film Day website to see if your local theatre is participating by screening Canadian-made films today. There’s a streaming option there too, if your local theatre isn’t participating.

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