KTM 390 Adventure revised for 2022

It may be small, but the KTM 390 Adventure packs a lot of fun. Now, for 2022, there are a couple of updates that should make the bike even better going forward.

The biggest news is probably the revised traction control system, which now offers both Street and Offroad modes. Previously, the 390’s traction control was fairly basic, only offering one mode—you had to switch it off for offroading, or risk losing power in a hill climb. Now KTM says the updated system “will give the KTM a degree of rear wheel slip to enable even easier use of the bike in loose or wet terrain.”

There’s also a new set of cast wheels, with five spokes instead of six. KTM says these new wheels are more robust for offroad usage, since most buyers probably aren’t keen to spend the extra cash on spoked rims to replace the 19/17-inch cast wheels that come stock.

Aside from those changes, and the usual Bold New Graphics, it does not seem as if the 390 has changed much for 2022. No worries—CMG’s 390 Adventure test unit performed very well in a long-term run this summer, laying down more than 6,000 trouble-free miles hooning around Atlantic Canada. Zac’s review is here.

See full details in KTM’s presser below!

Press release


Receiving select key upgrades in its 2022 trim, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE is here to let every biker experience the utmost adventure. No matter the rockiness of the mountain pass, the length of the wilderness trail or the demands of daily mileage, the new KTM 390 ADVENTURE is a highly-capable exploration companion every step of the way.

Setting the benchmark in the smaller cylinder segment for outstanding power-to-weight, technology and riding agility, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE is getting a fresh look and some key upgrades for 2022 that bring it closer than ever before to the full range of larger-displacement KTM ADVENTURE machines.

Further enhancing its potential to take riders to places far beyond the ordinary paths, the 2022 model’s extensive list of electronic features has been amplified with the addition of STREET and OFFROAD modes for Traction Control. Selecting OFFROAD from STREET will give the KTM a degree of rear wheel slip to enable even easier use of the bike in loose or wet terrain.

The KTM 390 ADVENTURE can be pushed to the extreme and if the conditions momentarily get the better of the rider, the OFFROAD TC will remain activated in the event of a brief stall or fall. The additional Traction Control capabilities make it easier to get even more exploratory, allowing the KTM 390 ADVENTURE to solidify its spot as the segment leader in terms of technology and electronic features.

Allowing riders to reach new extremes, KTM has given the 2022 KTM 390 ADVENTURE a set of even more robust cast wheels. The construction of the components is based around five spokes – instead of six – thus permitting increased stiffness and resistance for the rims.

For 2022, the visual identity of the KTM 390 ADVENTURE is bringing it even closer to the race-winning RALLY machines around the globe. Available in two distinct color versions, both options highlight the sharp lines of KTM’s ultra-versatile adventurer.

Curious and skilled riders can also fulfill their needs at the throttle of the 2022 KTM 390 ADVENTURE. To prove the point, KTM enlisted the help of multi-time Baja winner Quinn Cody and world traveler Paolo Cattaneo to provide the ultimate verdict from their own weekend adventure (see above).

The bike’s famed agility is combined with the carefully considered ergonomics that place the rider right in the heart of the bike’s movements. The 2022 KTM 390 ADVENTURE can be steered like an offroader as much as it can flip into cruise for longer highway stretches, and the new look through the colors and graphics mean that the aesthetic is as sharp as the attributes.


  • Enhanced electronics as standard & OFFROAD TC for added adventuring potential
  • Stronger & more resistant wheels for tougher riding
  • Segment-leading electronics including lean-angle sensitive ABS & TC
  • Dakar Rally-proven chassis architecture & settings
  • Removable steel trellis subframe fitted with just four bolts
  • WP APEX adjustable suspension for the best response whatever the terrain
  • Dependable BYBRE brakes with 320 and 280 mm discs, two channel ABS
  • 3.8 gal (14.5 l) fuel tank for excellent range & possible 400 km with one fill
  • Two-part seat & crafted bodywork as part of superlative ergonomics setup
  • Brand new graphics & fresh look for both 2022 color versions

The KTM 390 ADVENTURE will be available from February 2022 onward. For more information, visit ktm.com.

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