Yamaha announces new-for-2022 MT-10 SP

2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP. Photo: Yamaha

Today, Yamaha confirmed the updated-for-2022 MT-10 and XSR900 are coming to Canada next year, and we’re also going to get the 2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP. Also, we’re getting a 20th-anniversary FJR1300ES model!

2022 Yamaha MT-10 SP

This is an up-spec’d version of the MT-10 hypernaked, which Yamaha announced at the start of November (see CMG’s initial write-up here). The engine seems to be the same: An R1-derived inline four that’s boosted to 164 hp for 2022, with an added emphasis on mid-range punch. We’d expect the frame to be the same as well.

What the SP gets, is new semi-active Öhlins SMART EC 2.0 electronic suspension hat’s tied into Yamaha’s latest safety systems already updated for the 2022 MT-10. With new six-axis IMU for 2022, there’s all sorts of zeros and ones being computed on the fly, resulting in improved safety and performance.

Trick new suspenders for 2022! Photo: Yamaha

Yamaha also put a new belly pan on the SP model, stainless steel brake lines, and an SP-only paint scheme. Under that skin, the bike is very much the same as the much-improved base model.

The Yamaha MT-10 SP will sell for a $21,099 MSRP when it arrives in Canada for 2022. See it here at Yamaha’s website.

MT-10 and XSR900 confirmed.

Obviously, the updated MT-10 standard model is also coming to Canada; it’s listed with a $17,299 MSRP at Yamaha’s Canadian site. As for the revised XSR900 (see our first look at the bike here), it’s listed at Yamaha’s Canadian site for $12,299.

The mighty FJR1300ES returns again, in 20th Anniversary trim. Photo: Yamaha

Return of the FJR

The FJR1300ES is rumoured to be on the chopping block every year, but it returns for 2022 in a 20th anniversary edition. Iron Butt riders, rejoice. Far as we can tell, there are no real changes to the ’22 model except for Bold New Graphics, but really, what was there to change? This is a bike that just works, as IBR participants will attest. Asking price is a $20,899 MSRP in Canada—more info here.

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