Yamaha updates MT-10 with more power, new electronics

Yamaha just pulled the wraps off its updated-for-2022 MT-10; now, it says its top-shelf hypernaked bike is “The definitive Master of Torque.”

Bold words, but Yamaha has done a fair bit of tweaking to this engine, to keep it up-to-date in an age where naked bikes are getting more and more muscular every year. Yamaha brought peak horsepower up from 158 hp to 164 hp, and tweaked some engine internals to give this machine more mid-range punch. The engine itself is derived from the R1’s four-cylinder, but the naked bike version gets new steel con-rods, which are supposed to result in more usable torque, thanks to more moving mass than the R1’s titanium units. Thanks to this and other tweaks, the updated machine is supposed to offer quite a kick in the pants in the 4,000-8,000 rpm range.

Yamaha also updated the engine with an up/down quickshifter, and included a new six-axis IMU. Presumably, this also means updated settings for the ABS, wheelie control, slide control, traction control, and all other electro-controls. There’s new electronics for the ride-by-wire throttle, and presumable the four power modes are also updated. A 4.2-inch TFT dashboard will help you keep track of all the settings for these features.

Although the chassis seems mostly the same as the old bike, Yamaha put a new seat on the MT-10, and there’s a new radial master cylinder (courtesy of Brembo) for the front brakes.

Forks and shock come from Kayaba, and are fully adjustable. The MT-10 now supposedly tips the scales at 212 kg wet weight. The machine gets some new lighting up front, which changes the looks, although whether or not it’s any better is a subjective question indeed.

Yamaha hasn’t told us whether or not the new machine is coming to Canada; we’ll let you know more when we know more.


  1. Looks much nicer than the previous generation, that I owned. Also the radial m/c should address the lack of feel the non radial brembo had…

  2. New iPod screen thingy, eyebrows that are Ggrrrrr! angry. The engine bits shuffle sounds like it needs verification. Wondering what the new improved price will be?

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