New BMW electric scooter coming this week

Photo: BMW

BMW’s announced we will see a new “urban single-track mobility” vehicle announced this week. Based on the teaser photo, and previous BMW releases, it seems the company is about to release a production version of the Definition CE 04.

The Definition CE 04 is an electric concept scooter that BMW released in November of 2020, by online reveal (remember, EICMA was canceled—that’s where they’d normally show this stuff). The Definition CE 04 was obviously descended from BMW’s Concept Link concept electro-scoot. Going further back, there’s also some family resemblance to the C Evolution, BMW’s production electric scooter that never came to the Canadian market.

Here’s what we told you, when the Definition CE 04 broke cover: “There’s a nice video of the new concept, there’s a bit of information, but details are mostly limited. BMW says it should have range around 120-130 kilometres, with a battery pack stowed under the floorboards. Aside from that, not much in the way of tech specs. BMW seems keen to promo its “techno parka” that integrates into the scooter via wireless tech, and of course, there’s that new 10.25-inch TFT screen, offering all sorts if infotainment capacity.

So, a tech-loaded scooter, aimed at urban customers. And, it looks like the scooter BMW teased in its announcement for this Wednesday. The photo accompanying the release sure looks like the Definition CE 04, and BMW hinted strongly that it was close to production at its 2020 reveal.

This machine might not come to Canada, but it’s the start of a new era of BMWs. The company has been open about its plans to go electric, with even a battery-powered GS coming in the future. Considering governments around the world are constantly planning gasoline crackdowns in the coming decade, it’s good to see the moto industry is preparing …


  1. I agree with dav. The USA and Canada market are set up for high profit, big buck bikes. The wonderful offering in the rest of the world are off limits. Sad.

  2. Gee I don’t think it well come to Canada . Honda did not bring the supper cub , adv 150 . Yamaha didn’t bring zuma 50 cc , 125 into Canada (BWS) or it’s 300 cc scooter etc. As much I as I would buy the BMW scooter it’s not something I can get . I feel they treat Canada / USA as a cash cow market . High CC , High profit and that what they care about. Yamaha even going as far as to walk away from 10 year old vino 125 and tell people no CDI left for it anywhere in the world . Funny thing is Fino sold in the 3rd world using the same CDI with the same part number . My point is unless they can make pot full of money they doing bother selling it in Canada .

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