BMW Definition CE04 electric scooter: A concept almost ready for production?

Although BMW says full-sized electric motorcycles are still a few years out, but by the looks of this latest concept, we might be about to see a new electric scooter from the company.

The new BMW Definition CE04 electric scooter concept broke cover online this week (in the absence of a real show season, most new bikes are instead releasing online this year). It looks an awful lot like the Concept Link step-through, continuing on BMW’s line of electric scoots that started with the C Evolution, which actually made it past prototype stage to actual showroom floors. 

The C Evolution was a Euro-only model, but with the way the wind is blowing these days, chances are a new electric BMW would be sold in more markets.

Back to the Definition CE04 electric scooter concept. There’s a nice video of the new concept, there’s a bit of information, but details are mostly limited. BMW says it should have range around 120-130 kilometres, with a battery pack stowed under the floorboards. Aside from that, not much in the way of tech specs. BMW seems keen to promo its “techno parka” that integrates into the scooter via wireless tech, and of course, there’s that new 10.25-inch TFT screen, offering all sorts if infotainment capacity.

Maybe this interests you, maybe not, but it seems poised to hit the market soon either way. European emissions regs continue to crack down on gasoline-powered machinery; indeed, you could argue emissions regulations are the primary driving force in the industry today. Scoots like this are probably going to be the way of the future, and that future might be here before you know it.


  1. Forgive the off handed comment here on the machines appearance and the jargon they’re using….. Something somehow just screams “hipster sheek” to me. I can’t get over that throw up feeling in my throat.

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