This coming Monday (June 21) is Ride to Work Day

Forget public transit! Leave your car home! This coming Monday (June 21) is Ride to Work Day. It’s your annual reminder that yes, Virginia, you can use your motorcycle to commute to work.

Ride to Work Day is kind of the brainchild of Andy Goldfine (read this interview over at Revzilla, and you’ll see there’s a cool backstory). Goldfine is also the brains behind Aerostich, perhaps the most practical, moto-centric company in North America. Aerostich has a whole website and catalogue dedicated to making your motorcycle an everyday vehicle, not just a weekend pleasure ride for toots down to Tim Hortons and back.

Want to promote Ride to Work Day? It’s a bit late in the game for that, but you can find printable propaganda material here. You can find stickers, parking signs, mugs, T-shirts, and other booty to fly the moto-flag and also support the cause here. Other write-ups, podcasts and helpful information here.

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