Rumour: Suzuki planning updated GSX-R1000 for World Superbike return

Here’s some unexpected rumour mill material: Asphalt & Rubber says it’s hearing hints that Suzuki plans to update its GSX-R1000, with an eye towards World Superbike competition.

Suzuki last updated its litrebike in 2017; Costa rode it at the launch, and Dean gave us a real-world update on it a few months later. It’s a value leader in the litrebike segment, although its electronics package and power would lag behind the latest-generation machines competing in World Superbike—which is likely partly the reason that Suzuki doesn’t have a machine in WSB, although it does compete in MotoGP.

A&R doesn’t have much to say besides reporting that there’s a rumour going around. No spy shots, no patent drawings. However, it’s usually more-or-less on the money with these predictions, and we’d expect something coming for 2022, even if it was just some sort of up-specced homologation-style machine. Suzuki seems to be moving forward slowly with new bike development these days, but it is moving forward. With the V-Strom recently getting an overhaul, followed by the Hayabusa and GSX-S1000, it would make sense to see the company’s flagship sportbike get some revisions, even if they’re minor.

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