Aprilia will (maybe) sell you an over-the-counter RS660 Trofeo racebike

The Aprilia RS660 is the "baseline" model for the new Pro Twins series in CSBK. Photo: Piaggio Group

Aprilia is keen to sell you an RS660 sportbike for race duty. In fact, Aprilia is so keen, that it’s actually willing to sell you a race-prepped RS660 over the counter.

The new Aprilia RS660 Trofeo is put together in Italy by the company’s Factory Works program. Initially, they seem to be aimed a spec series in Italy, but Roadracing World says this is a global program available to North America, which theoretically means we’ll see them in Canada. Do note that Aprilia has not directly confirmed this to us, although this press release is all over the Internet right now. It’s likely that, as with many other Piaggio Group products, we will have to wait.

Race-only kit drops the bike’s dry weight, and adds power and fit adjustability. Photo: Piaggio Group

What do you get with the Trofeo-edition bike? The machine comes with ignition switch and ABS system removed, although the ABS control unit remains, as part of the bike’s integrated electronics system.

Aprilia re-programs the ECU to race tuning, for more power; max output rises to 105 hp, the most in this middleweight twin category. Aprilia junked the secondary air system and thermostat, and put alu guards on the clutch cover and alternator, and also a Sprint Filter air filter.

This track-only tuning is also calibrated to work with the SC Project exhaust (also race-only). The TFT dash is also programmed to race-focused display and function.

There are new adjustable fork internals, and an Ohlins AP498 shock (fully adjustable). Pirelli Supercorsa V3 SC1 tires are standard.

Aprilia also changed the upper steering yoke and handlebars, and added adjustable footpegs too. This means a lowered riding position, with ability to tweak for rider fit. There’s a new fibreglass fairing as well.

Add it all up, and you’ve got weight dropping to 153 kilograms along with the power boost. A great result indeed, and welcome on-track, if you find a place to race. The RS660 is already showing up in MotoAmerica, but there’s currently no CSBK class for the bike. You can do track days with it, though, or maybe find a slot in a regional series, if you buy one of these machines.


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