Today: Live Q&A about Cabot Trail ADV Guide

Remember our write-up on the Cabot Trail Dualsport and Adventure Motorcycle Guide? The project has met some delays, but today, Trail Trash ADV is taking to YouTube to share some updates

Back in March, we shared Trail Trash ADV’s plans to launch a new ride guide to the Cabot Trail, with less of the usual “Hey, this cottage is really cute and there’s a good brewery,” and more “Hey, here’s a good trail.” There have been ride guides available for Cape Breton for years, but they’ve generally focused on cruiser-centric activities and amenities. The Trail Trash guide is aimed instead at the adventure riding set.

As we can personally tell you (see link below), Cape Breton is a gold mine for offroad adventure. The problem is figuring out where to go in the first place, so this new ride guide should prove useful.


If all had gone well, Trail Trash ADV would have the route finished by now, but Nova Scotia’s winter/spring COVID-19 outbreak meant the organizer Colin MacEachern was unable to visit Cape Breton, despite booking vacation days for early-season scouting. By now, he’d hoped to not just have the main route mapped out, but also some more challenging side routes. 

The current plan is to have that all ready for July, when Atlantic Canadian borders open. For more deets, tune into the live Q&A at 1700 AST (link above, or watch it afterwards).


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