Yamaha BWs 125 gets variable valve timing for 2021

Photo: Yamaha

Yamaha has just revealed the updated-for-2022 BWs125 scooter, with engine featuring variable valve timing.

The scooter’s engine is mostly similar to the previous BWs 125; it’s a liquid-cooled single, and Yamaha says the bottom end is the same as the previous scooter. However, the Blue Core engine (SOHC, four-valve head, high-compression and DiASil cylinder) now has Yamaha’s Variable Valve Actuation technology, meaning the valve timing changes as rpms rise. This makes for a sensible, linear power curve, and allows for strong low-end torque and more top-end zip. Of course, there’s a centrifugal clutch for twist-and-go riding.

The BWs 125 will come in black or blue paint. Photo: Yamaha

Other updates for 2022 include a USB charging socket in the front storage compartment, which is pretty much standard on any self-respecting full-sized scooter these days. There’s also a unified braking system (hit the rear brake, and the front brake is lightly applied as well; hit the front brake, and it operates normally).

There’s a new asymmetrical headlight array, with LCD gauges. For a closer look at the scooter, head over to Yamaha’s Canadian website. MSRP is $4,299 for 2021.

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