The Year Of Jubilee: RIDE Motorcycles presents new offroad-focused video series

So, 2020 was bad. The coronavirus pandemic was bad. But, there was one good thing out of all of this: We saw kids get back into offroad riding, and they dragged their parents with them.

(Actually, most of those parents probably didn’t mind at all).

For real, though: Dirt bike sales boomed in 2020, with some insiders saying it actually saved the offroad industry. Maybe that’s a bit much, but there’s no denying that social distancing, lockdowns, and canceled family vacations helped new riders discover the fun of knobbies and dirt riding, brought older riders back into the scene, and encouraged the keeners to upgrade their motorcycles.

So, RIDE Motorcycles is launching a new YouTube series to talk about this. Called “The Year of Jubilee,” it talks about the Great Motocross Revival Of 2020. Troy Adamitis produces, Nate Scribner directs—these cats created The Great Outdoors, The Moto: Inside the Outdoors, Supercross: Behind the Dream, MX Nation and MX World, so they should have a great inside track here. We’re sure there’s a motocross pun in there somewhere.

See the first episode below:

Is this really going to be this generation’s On Any Sunday? Maybe not. But, last year was a unique time in North American motorcycling, and it’s good that someone is paying attention, and keeping track of what happened before we all forget it, as life gets back to normal (we hope).

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