Bottpower XR9 Carbona turns your MT-09 into a tracker

Photo; Bottpower

Yamaha’s MT-09 is one of the most popular naked bikes on the market, thanks to its combination of budget and performance. But, what if you want to add a bit of an edge? Euro customizer Bottpower can help, with a bolt-on bodykit.

The Bottpower XR9 Carbona is a street tracker-style custom bodykit in the same vein as other neo-retro machines from Europe these days (think Husqvarna Svartpilen/Vitpilen, particularly). Along with the tracker styling, it’s also got a bit of a modern edge, like something from a cyberpunk anime.

Here it is in black paint. You can pay more for a flashier finish. Photo: Bottpower

Bottpower collaborated with Yamaha to build this kit, through the Yardbuilt custom program. There’s no suspension improvement here, or power upgrade. You get a front number plate, with running lights built-in and the headlight removed. There’s a radiator cover, with the bike’s replacement headlights built-in. Bottpower also includes a new carbon-fibre fuel tank cover. The seat/tailpiece assembly is carbon-fibre too, and has the replacement tail/signal lights built in.

The whole kit should take four hours to install, says Bottpower. Bottpower has European partner shops that can install the kit, but here in Canada, you’re on your own. Bottpower says even an unskilled idiot can install the kit in eight hours, which means CMG’s crack crew of home wrenchers could no doubt install it in a day.

Looks slick, but that nice finish costs quite a bit extra. Photo: Bottpower

For more information, visit the Bottpower website. The MSRP is a hefty 4,975 euros, which works out to about $7,400 CAD. Not cheap, but then, if you were paying for a one-off conversion on a bike, it wouldn’t be cheap either.

Note that Bottpower built this kit for the MT-09, but it also fits on the XSR900, and can fit onto the Tracer model with some tweaks.

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