Screening soon! TMFF Cinema announces March’s film: Never Ride Alone

Looking for a mid-winter moto-break? Sorry, you can’t fly to Florida to rent a Harley-Davidson for a week … but you can tune into the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival’s film webcasts, for a short-term escape. This month, the film is Never Ride Alone.

Many CMG readers are familiar with the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival (TMFF). The TMFF started off by running in-person motorcycle film festivals at Toronto’s Revue Cinema. Then, COVID-19 happened, and the festival’s organizers had to take the event online for 2020. Although the in-person fun of the festival wasn’t possible, viewers from around the world were able to enjoy the show this year, not just GTA dwellers, as the films weren’t geo-restricted.

Now, festival organizers are working on a new project, called TMFF Cinema. This project allows riders to virtually screen movies, in an online release. From March 11-13, TMFF Cinema is screening Never Ride Alone. Here’s the description of the film, from the TMFF website: “You’ll never know your limits until you give it a shot. Driven to explore and push his physical limits to the edge, Scott Englund traverses the Andes of Peru. Becoming obsessed with Pumahuanca, a 5,300-metre high (17,400 foot) mountain that he is determined to climb on his dirt bike, something no one has ever done before. On his own, Scott tackles the challenge of documenting his solo attempt at being the first to ever cross through the region on a dirt bike.

The scenery is magnificent and matched only by Scott’s incredible riding skills and determination to never give up.

TMFF big boss Caius Tenche says “In addition to the film we are going to have a Q&A with Scott on Friday March 12 at 9pm ET that will be available live on our YouTube and Facebook pages and the audience can chime in with their questions for Scott.” That’s a great opportunity, if lockdown has you twiddling your thumbs.

While the TMFF Cinema showings are only available for a few days each month, Tenche says organizers are putting together a plan for a video-on-demand service that will let viewers watch films from previous festivals. Sounds cool, and we look forward to seeing how that works out.

If you want to watch this month’s show, click here to pre-order tickets.

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