The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is on!

The Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival is underway now, with films screening online until October 10.

In case you forgot, this year’s festival was forced to go through a major re-design, after COVID-19 regs made it difficult to show the films at the Toronto’s Revue Cinema. Organizers managed to schedule showtimes for a few of the movies, but most of the films will only be running online—see more about that in this story.

Because of the festival’s online nature, more people can enjoy the films; this year, the films aren’t geo-restricted, so whether you’re in Wiarton, Winnipeg or West Virginia, you can tune in. And, you can watch at any time of day. The full lineup of films is listed here, with everything from speedway racing to ice road riding to counterculture clubs listed this year.

You can buy an online pass at the Toronto Motorcycle Film Festival website. You can also buy tickets for individual films by following the links on each film listed in the online guide; click on the film you want to see, and follow the links. The online festival pass is $75, and saves you a bit of money if you are planning to watch a lot of the movies. Plus, it’s good to support the festival! If nothing else, you should try to watch this year’s Canadian selections: A Road Less Travelled, Biker Bob’s Posthumous Adventure, and The Pilgrimage.

Remember, too, that you can vote on the People’s Choice award, and there’s some other stuff going on as the festival runs, including live Q&A with creators. Check out the TMFF website for a full listing of what’s going on. CMG big boss Dustin Woods is even in on the action, hosting a panel discussion with this year’s Canadian filmmakers: Lori Lozinski (The Pilgrimage), Cat Mills & Joella Cabalu (Biker Bob’s Posthumous Adventure), Blake Sovdi (A Road Less Travelled). It will be available on YouTube after it’s filmed, if you miss it.


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