Canada won’t get most new KTM 1290 models for 2021

Photo: KTM

Looking to buy a new 2021 KTM 1290 motorcycle? Bad news, if you’re Canadian: KTM says it’s not bringing in new 1290-series machines for 2021, with one exception.

Earlier today, KTM’s Allison Thompson confirmed the rumour about the 1290s. “The 1290 Adventure R, S and 1290 Super Duke GT will return in 2022,” she said in an email. The only new big-bore KTM coming is the recently-updated naked bike: “We do have the 1290 Super Duke R for 2021.”

Why is this happening? There are likely a few reasons. First off, KTM’s flagship models often see a lag in their import to North America, even in the best of times. For instance, the original 1290 Super Duke GT arrived in Canada months after it was available in Europe.

Second, while KTM sold a lot of dirt bikes in 2020, in the weird COVID offroad sales boom, this wasn’t necessarily the case with its more expensive models. KTM likely wants to sell of its 2020 machines before bringing in 2021 bikes.

When the new bikes show up, we’ll have a new 1290 Super Adventure S, and likely a new Super Duke GT as well. It’s likely these bikes will show up by mid-fall as 2022 models, which would give some readers a few weeks to ride them, if the weather cooperates. Otherwise, get ready to wait until next spring.

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