Welp, Suzuki finally showed us the new Hayabusa

After years of teasing, Suzuki finally confirmed the news: A new Hayabusa is coming very soon. See for yourself in the video below:

The clip doesn’t give away much, but you can see the hyperbike in action. So what’s coming?

According to this video clip, it’s a “generational shift.” Woot woot!

But what does that mean?

The first clip shows a dash with minimal TFT screen in between the clocks. Why put a TFT on the bike, if there’s no electro-trickery to control? No doubt there’s an onboard suite of safety aids including traction control/wheelie control/leaning ABS and more.

Of course, to be sold in the EU, this bike must be Euro5-legal as well. That’s important, as Europe is still one of the most vital market for premium bike sales; Suzuki needs that business to make this model update worthwhile.

What else is coming?

For a long time, Suzuki’s been teasing a turbocharged Hayabusa. Maybe that’s what we’ll see here, as the ‘Busa certainly lacks the halo bike appeal of Kawasaki’s supercharged H2 line. Forced induction would make since, if Suzuki wants to still rule the streets.

Or maybe it’s simply the semi-auto gearbox that Suzuki teased? That would be far less exciting, as that’s basically ’80s three-wheeler tech, but maybe some fans would be enthused.

We’ll know more on February 5, as Suzuki is promising a massive global reveal then. Perhaps we’ll also see other products unveiled (there’s almost certainly a new mid-capacity parallel twin coming in the near future) or canceled (how long can Suzuki continue to sell the DR650, unchanged and dirt cheap? Forever, we hope …).


  1. The small tft shows power modes, traction control and another that says qs 1, which I assume is some form of adjustable quick shifter. There is one other but it’s obscured.

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