Kawasaki teases six new models coming November 23

When we told you about Kawasaki’s updated Versys 1000 LT SE and its other models with Bold New Graphics for 2020, we also noted the conspicuous absence of the ZX-10 superbike series. Now, it looks like Kawasaki is planning to release an updated litrebike later this fall.

All we really know is what’s in this video above: Six shrouded bikes, with the promise of a full reveal on November 23. And, some footage of track, a wooded trail and scenic wilderness highways. Hrm.

At least three of the bikes, and probably five, appear to have spoked wheels, which would definitely hint at some sort of adventure bike. Is Kawasaki about to finally announce the Versys 400? Or a new KLR650? Stay tuned, this looks promising.


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