GasGas announces 2021 lineup for Canada

GasGas is back for 2021, with new ownership and a whole line of new models, ranging from electric minibikes for kids to a full-bore 450 motocrosser.

GasGas has long been known as one of the “other” offroad brands based in Europe (see also: Sherco, Scorpa, Beta, and so on). Historically, GasGas was based in Spain since its founding in 1985, but in 2019, that all changed. The Pierer Group bought GasGas, adding them to its collection of KTM and Husqvarna. The bigwigs re-launched GasGas at the start of 2020, and now the bikes share the same engine technology as KTM and Husky.

For 2021, GasGas will have 15 all-new models available in Canada. The lineup starts with four bikes designed for kids aged 4-15. There’s the MCE-5 electric minibike ($5,599 MSRP), as well as the MC50 (no MSRP listed), MC65 ($5,599 MSRP) and MC85 ($6,849 MSRP). 

GasGas also has a lineup of full-sized motocross machines now, including the MC125 two-stroke ($8,199 MSRP) and the MC250F ($9,699) and MC450F ($19,899) four-strokes. There’s also a line of cross-country bikes; the EX300 ($10,799 MSRP) is the do-it-all two-stroke option here, while the EX250F ($10,299 MSRP) is aimed at beginners, the EX350F is supposed to be a balanced woods weapon ($10,999 MSRP), and the EX450F is the full-bore dune blaster ($11,399 MSRP).

Globally, GasGas has four enduro models, but will only bring the two-stroke EC300 to Canada ($10,799 MSRP). Of course, as GasGas is best-known for its trials models, it’s got a strong lineup here; for 2021, GasGas will have the TXT Racing 125, 250, 280 and 300 models. It seems the 125 isn’t coming to Canada, at least now now, and the other bikes have an MSRP of $8,899, $9,099 and $9,199 respectively.

You can find more details on the bikes at the GasGas website, although it’s a little tricky to navigate. GasGas is also making a lot of noise about its racing program in North America this coming year, including full factory teams in trials, offroad and supercross/motocross in the US. GasGas worked out a deal with the Troy Lee Designs Red Bull team for 2021, and it will contest the AMA Supercross and Pro Motocross Championships in the 250cc and 450cc divisions.

Bold moves, indeed. It looks like there’s big plans for GasGas; for more deets on where to find a Canadian dealer, visit the company’s site.

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