Female Ride Ride Day runs Saturday, August 22

Hey—remember Female Ride Day, the day when female riders all get on their bikes and go for group rides, or solo spins? Well, it was supposed to happen in the spring of 2020, like normal, but thanks to COVID-19, that didn’t happen. Instead, it’s running on Saturday, August 22.

Of course, since group rides are usually such a big part of Female Ride Day, the routine had to change up for 2020. There’s a big write-up on this year’s plan for a safe ride; check it out here at the Motoress website. Remember that the rules are different in every jurisdiction, and whatever plan you come up with, you’ll want to make sure you’re following local regs.

One key takeaway from the Motoress website: “Follow logical guidelines: don’t high five, or hug, don’t let riders touch your bike handlebars or cargo. Don’t share water and avoid hanging around chatting in close proximity in one place if not masked or shielded.

Want to take part in this year’s ride, despite the difficulties? Check out the Motoress website for more details on participation. 

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