Much has been written about our late fearless leader, Rob Harris (aka Editor ‘Arris). Mark painfully reflected on the events of that fateful day and its aftermath on the first anniversary of his passing. He’ll once again be returning to the scene of the collision this Saturday May 9th.

Every year in May on the Saturday prior (Rob was killed on Friday the 14th), Mark visits the site. He fixes up the crosses and clears the area of debris; taking some time to pause and reflect on his friend’s life and death. It’s a solemn affair but Mark always extends an open invitation to anyone who may also wish to make the pilgrimage with him. This year is no different, but social distancing will be observed given the current pandemic.

Mark plans on riding his Harley-Davidson Low Rider from Coburg to Rhino’s Roadhouse in Bewdley, ON on Saturday morning. Departing from there at 10:00am either alone or with whomever cares to join, it’s about a two hour ride to the crash site south-west of Bancroft. The last few kilometres aren’t paved, but if Mark can make it through on his Low Rider pretty much anyone can.

The forecast isn’t looking great, but he’ll be riding rain or shine.


  1. The other day I was re-reading the Rob Harris story of returning to the UK, riding the Trophy 1200.
    I was called away, but did not bookmark it. I thought it would be easy to find. Not so.
    Can someone please provide a link or clue me in to how I should be able to find it on my own, please?
    Thank you,

  2. I had the pleasure of meeting Rob when he and Sonic were both instructors at Centennial College’s motorcycle basic maintenance courses. CMG was just a small pamphlet like publication back then. They were two amigos following their passion trying to make ends meet and having a few laughs along the way. I enjoyed the time we spent together.

    Cheers Derrick

  3. I met ‘Arris and Larry Tate for a romp up near Calabogie some 15 years ago. I was an avid fan of CMG online and even gained some notoriety on their bulletin board… Anyway I only met him the one time and we went for a ride on Centennial Lake Road. He was quite the character. I did not realize he had met his end. Also I read this article just now a few days after May 9th otherwise I would have made an effort to go on that ride. Fittingly, I was not available that day as I drove from Hastings to Montreal to buy a bike in Montreal and drag it back to Ontario.

    RIP Rob Harris, you hound dog.

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