We let you know earlier this week that we were making some changes to Canada Moto Guide and that the site would be Under Construction. As many of you have experienced and expressed (some more politely than others), the old platform was showing its age and causing no shortage of problems. Security certificates and add-ons were outdated, and the original architecture held together with bubble gum and dreams was showing its age. We’ve been working behind the scenes for months, sorting through designs, and optimizing content categories, then carefully cataloguing and migrating over 10,000 stories.

You’ll notice a fresh new layout. Tabs across the top of the page allow for easier navigation by topics like Gear Reviews, Bike News, Racing Updates, etc. We’ve also broken out the most read themes and stories to help you find what you’re looking for faster. The site is now optimized for tablets and smartphones at long last. None of us involved with CMG take our involvement for granted or forget where we came from. We all miss the charming wit and hilarious antics of the late Editor ‘Arris and will continue to pay tribute through the Hall of Fame section where his legacy will live on.

After being locked out of our social platforms for some time, we’ve also been able to restore access to Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook which now have convenient short cuts. We’ve also restored the ability to craft and distribute our weekly Newsletter to your inbox which many of you have been missing.

We may have a fancy new look, but our commitment to bringing you Canadian motorcycle news and reviews remains the same. We promise we won’t let it go to our heads.

Ride safely and don’t forget to wave, we’re all in this together.


  1. Last time on CMG was when I still lived in Markham… Been in Nova Scotia since the fall of 2015. Miss those rides down to Pennsylvania and the 219!

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