As we shared with you late last year during EICMA, KTM is finally adding a 390 Adventure to its lineup. KTM Canada announced today that the 2020 390 Adventure will start arriving in Canadian dealerships this May and has provided additional technical specifications. The full news release from KTM can be found below:


April 15th, 2020

Chambly, QC – KTM Canada is pleased to announce details of the highly anticipated KTM 390 ADVENTURE, the next step in KTM’s incredibly versatile ADVENTURE lineup. As an introduction to the world of light off-roading and wider adventure touring, this motorcycle is a pure class-leader, combining the most powerful single in the segment with unmatched technology.

The new KTM 390 ADVENTURE has harnessed the attributes and DNA from the popular and highly rated KTM 790 ADVENTURE, as well as the development information gleaned from nearly two decades of Dakar Rally success. A light, agile and confidence-inspiring entry model for riders looking to discover the world of adventure riding, this motorcycle offers added versatility for touring and light offroading. Using elements of the KTM 390 DUKE as a base, the KTM 390 ADVENTURE offers proximity to the feeling and performance found at the root of the all-conquering KTM 450 RALLY but with efficiency and comfort as part of the package.

A state-of-the-art, liquid cooled, single-cylinder, four-stroke 373.2 cc engine powers this agile machine perfectly into KTM’s world of ADVENTURE. The engine is equipped with an electric starter and achieves impressive peak power with incredibly punchy torque. Twin overhead camshafts, four valves and electronic fuel injection are integral to the KTM 390 ADVENTURE’s outstanding power and together with a balancer shaft, deliver an incredibly smooth ride for all-day touring. Next-level rider aids include lean-angle-sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC) paired with a class-leading PASC slipper clutch to keep the power to ground while pushing limits on or off the asphalt.
The low-maintenance, high-performance engine is housed in a flex and weight optimized chassis fitted with premium, adjustable WP APEX suspension offering 170 mm of travel in the front and 177 mm in the rear. Bringing this machine to a stop is easy with the BYBRE brake calipers, two-channel ABS system administered by BOSCH software and the standard OFFROAD ABS mode. Its versatile ergonomics, smooth power delivery and innovative technology all come together in a comfortable, lightweight package built for those wanting to fit more adventure into their daily lives.

• Class-leading power-to-weight ratio
• PASC slipper clutch
• Ride-by-Wire system
• State-of-the-art engine management with EFI system
• Oversized radiator

• Lean-angle-sensitive Motorcycle Traction Control (MTC)
• Cornering ABS
• TFT Display
• Optional Quickshifter+

• Fully adjustable WP APEX front fork
• Adjustable WP APEX shock absorber

• Steel trellis frame
• Signature diecast swingarm
• Cutting-edge BYBRE brakes
• Standard engine guards
• Robust cast wheels with CONTINENTAL TKC 70 tires

• Minimal, slim bodywork
• Two-piece seat
• Tapered aluminium handlebars with off-road bend
• Low, accessible seat height
• Off-road foot pegs with rubber inserts


  1. Ok CMG time for a comparison test when things settle down. This bike and Kawi Versys 300 ($6,699) and BMW 310 GS ($6,600). I would think the Katoom will win. I spent time on a Duke 390 and that is a an awesome engine. Hopefully the reliability is now equivalent to the other bikes. A quick shifter! Lean angle sensitive traction control. This could be an awesome mini dual sport touring bike. Excited to see the reviews.

    • The Versys,,,, witch I dumped after 1 summer is an awful bike. It’s Twin cyl no torque engine must be reved to double digits to get any usable power. No fun in an off road adventure bike. Kawasaki needs to some re-engineering on that very unimpressive engine……..

  2. This might be the first new bike in a while that pries new bike money out of my hands. Not that I have any great adv riding ambitions, but at the least this looks like a comfier version of a Duke or RC 390. With the bonus that if I put some decent dirt-oriented tires on it, it could actually handle some dirt. And it doesn’t weigh 500 lbs.

  3. It may not be what we all ‘want’, but this ‘little’ KTM seems to have pretty much everything one would ‘need’ in a real world, everyday street bike.
    That fugly, disproportionate headlamp assembly though…Yikes!

  4. If the content on the bikes are the same – the $6799 CND MSRP (from the KTM Canada site) is pretty favourable compared to the U.S. $6199 price. If pricing in this case was a direct currency conversion figure (of course we know it’s not that simple) – the cost of the Canadian bike should be around $8600.

    • Hmmm, $7,829 at Apex in Cambridge and $7,649 at GP Bikes. I wonder how long it will take for dealers to get down to the MSRP.

    • When I bought my 701 Enduro I paid the same number in Canadian as people are paying in American so I saved… About $4000 over what it would have been if the price was a direct conversion from USD to CAD instead!

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