Police complain they’re plagued by “stunt driving”

Police in Ontario cities have more than social distance enforcement on their minds. With traffic vanishing from highways and streets, motoring enthusiasts are looking at all that empty asphalt and seeing new possibilities. Law enforcement in Ottawa and Toronto are now complaining about an increase in “stunt driving.” In the language of the real world, they mean racing.

Unfortunately, while Bruce Springsteen might extol the virtues of racing in the street, the province of Ontario frowns on it. As a result, police have started to crack down on this scene. It’s mostly cars that are getting caught, but it’s not only wannabe Fast & Furious types going down. Police are also trying to catch motorcyclists: one of the 15 vehicles that Ottawa police seized last week was a motorcycle that was popping its front wheel in the street.

Of course, it’s still too early for all but the keenest riders anyway, as Canadians can still expect snow and freezing temperatures every few days. This serves to keep Canadian hooligan riders indoors better than any police warning. However, it was only a couple of years ago that motorcycle mobs seemed ready to become a common sight in the GTA, similar to what’s seen in American urban settings. If the streets stay empty this summer, maybe we’re about to see an increase in this sort of activity.


  1. I’ve bern out on the road in Ottawa every few days since early March. Ok conditions, but I’ve seen almost no bikes at all.

  2. We are getting snow today & tomorrow and temps are supposed to be below 0 through the weekend here in Southern Alberta (Calgary area). My bikes are still parked for now 🙁

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