KTM says the 890 Duke R is here early (Updated!)

When the KTM 890 Duke R appeared at last year’s EICMA show (read the initial write-up here), it seemed a long shot to arrive in North America early this season—KTM’s cutting-edge machines often take a while to get here. Given the factory’s shut down in Austria now, that made the likelihood of availability even worse.

But, good news, if you want one of these bikes. KTM North America says it’s managed to get a few into the continent already. Initial word is that a limited number will make it to Canada, but—if you want one, call your dealer now, if they’re still open. We have been told models will start arriving this month and received additional information from KTM that the MSRP in Canada will be $12,599.

What’s so special about the 890 Duke R? It’s an upscale version of the Duke 790, which was well-liked for its blend of top handling, usable power, and great pricing. Now, the 890 will cost more, but also comes with better components as well, including fully-adjustable WP Apex suspension, higher-spec engine, upgraded electronics, and so on.

UPDATE: This presser came in from KTM Canada—read on.


CHAMBLY, QC. – KTM officially launched the 2020 KTM 890 DUKE R today during a digital presentation on the KTM Official YouTube channel and as promised, KTM Canada is pleased to announce that a limited quantity of the SUPER SCALPEL 890 DUKE R is coming to Canadian dealers in April of 2020.

With the lightweight, compact and razor-sharp packaging of the KTM 790 DUKE as its starting point, the KTM 890 DUKE R brings out the best in the DUKE. It was designed to be a sportier and edgier no-compromise naked motorcycle for conquering twisty mountain roads or hard riding on the racetrack. The KTM 890 DUKE R is the ideal machine for the motorcyclist wanting a more extreme experience or searching for bigger thrills in a compact and agile package.

Follow along with today’s special digital presentation to learn more about the features of THE SUPER SCALPEL! Attached you will find a highlight sheet, along with the official KTM 890 DUKE R press kit. 

For more information on the KTM 890 DUKE R and other KTM models, please visit ktm.com/ca-en/dealer/ and locate your nearest KTM dealer.


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