Honda displays neo-retro CB-F Concept at virtual launch

Honda’s virtual press launch over this weekend doesn’t just include an upgraded CBR250RR and CT125. There’s also a new CB-F Concept, based on the CB1000R.

Originally, the bike was slated to appear at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show this week, but as that’s been cancelled, it was launched online.

According to the Euro press release, “The CB-F Concept is the result of reviewing the history of the CB series, which reached its six decades last year, and thoroughly explored what had to be preserved and also what had to evolve in these iconic brand acronyms.

The CB-F Concept is an ambitious fusion of cutting-edge technology with a design that pays homage to the CB900F (CB750F in Japan), a global Japanese model that has become a true icon over 60 years of CB models.” Or something like that, as this is Google Translate’s take on the Spanish-language document.

No specs have been announced for this bike: not weight, not power (expect the engine to be re-tuned from CB1000R specification if this reaches market, thanks to constantly-changing emissions regs) and certainly not pricing. For now, it’s just a concept, but it is a concept that appears ready for production, should the market recover from COVID-19 in timely fashion.


  1. I had the Nighthawk 650 but it was never a CB. The CB always gave me a little wet spot in my whitey tighties. I empty the bank account for more trip down memory lane. It will be $15,000 USD for sure. That is something like $46,000 CA. LOL!

  2. At first I thought it was very similar to the CB1100 retro that Honda was selling here from…2010 to 2017?
    Great looking motorbike, but quite heavy and very much detuned compared to the non-retro version.
    I wonder if they’ll follow the same template this time around.
    Great looking machine though, love the early 80’s F models – getting really hard to find anymore, and I’ve been looking!

  3. Honestly I prefer the look of the CB1000R (except the pipe). It is clearly a current design with retro references. Maybe because I wasn’t riding back when these designs were current, I don’t have that nostalgic twinge thing going. And I don’t get into the Kawi (now Honda) idea of just copying an old design. Throw this pipe on the CB1000R and I think they would have it nailed.

  4. Just about a perfect modern retro. Similar to CB1100 BUT ideally around 1000cc with a 20 litre tank for range, passenger backrest and narrow bags. Just a windshield to keep the bugs off and the weight down. Best of luck, Honda.

  5. Love it. My first street bike was a 1980 CB400 Hawk that had the appearance of the 750/900F. I would reload my money gun and pull the trigger for the one pictured.

  6. I like the CB1000R but this… I would consider buying. I owned the grey 750F ’81 and the black 900F ’82 and between both, I prefered the 750 cause you can rev the engine a LOT. I think 750 is the perfect size engine. Right now I ride a Tracer 900 and my wife rides a MT-07. Even if the Tracer is an incredeble machine, best “do it all” motorcycle ever, I REALLY like the MT-07! When I ride in Montreal, I prefer the MT, there’s more and more 30 zone so the engine is more confortable with those low speed.
    All that to say, this Honda should be a 750, there’s no need for a 1000 cc on a bike like that. Even if they change stuff, it will still be to much power to rev the engine and have the feeling of those UJM from the ’80.

  7. Twin shocks is what was always missing from the look. The Kawasaki looked great until the rear suspension and then it got vague, not ugly just not quite correct ( a GPZ 900 copy would be perfect) but working with a pre existing platform this is understandable. Honda took the rear suspension further away from the era and yet the mono sided swing arm looks perfect. Unfortunately Suzuki completely missed the mark on the Katana.

  8. Great looking bike and should compete head to head with Kawi 900RS. I wish they can make a scaled down version of it with a twin engine (like the one in Honda Africa but with smaller capacity). I sure will buy that one.

    • I don’t see a twin version of this bike working. If it is supposed to be a nod to the CB900F it kind of has to be an inline 4 in my opinion. A smaller 600-650 inline 4 would be nice. There were lots of smaller displacement 4’s back in the day.

  9. I like it ! Currently own a 919 Hornet wit 1200 original kms ! true survivor,, always gets lots of attention BUT I would love to see a 650 version of this !

      • I know. I recently realized I like 80s style more than 70s and then Honda comes out with this bad boy. I do, however, think they should have gone with the analogue gauges. Tft gauges have a short lifespan and super expensive to replace. Plus, the Z900rs’ gauges are what make it.

  10. I bought a black and red CB900F brand-new in 1981!
    My buddy was riding the original Katana and his sister (my lady) then grabbed the new ’83 Interceptor.
    That old 900F with a pipe on it kept up real good. Katana took over beyond 200 clicks, heheh – but not by all that much.
    And my girlfriend was NOT happy that her fancy V4 did not pull ahead. It was third, in that comparo…
    Displeased would be an understatement!
    Geez, was it really ~40 years ago?

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