The CMG Video Chat: Harley-Davidson’s new bikes

CMG’s Managing Editor Dustin Woods pinned down Harley-Davidson Canada’s new Managing Director, Scott Winhold, at the recent Toronto Motorcycle Show to find out more about Harley’s new concepts and models.

For the Pan-America and Bronx, Dustin asks, these are not real Harley-Davidsons because they’re not 45-degree V-Twins. What do you say to that?  And the LiveWire – what’s that about anyway?

Make sure to watch the lighting bounce off the top of Dustin’s head at 2’25”, check out our interview yesterday with Yamaha Canada, and come back tomorrow to find out what we thought of the show itself. Then return later this week for chats with Triumph and Kawasaki.


  1. These bikes will not sell just like the Street series. The most money and the least performance in their respective classes.Good luck getting these under performers to sell. You will not get these out the door for less than $20.000. How many of the $40.000 electric farce bikes sold? The V-ROD is a good example too. You can find them cheaper than a sportster.! I seen the writing on the wall years ago and sold my Harley stock at $75.00 a share.Very sad really.They just got rid of some dead weight at the top but it will be more of the same I am sure. Take for example the NEW Softail Standard it is nothing more than a stripped down Streetbob! And all the sites go ga ga over it . FAIL! [ A hint to Harley SV650 all around great performer / great looking / round headlight / beautiful frame / reasonably priced! ] Hardly movin – hardly workin – Hardley Davidson!

    • most money, least performance is right. Harley is flailing. The younger folk were supposed to age into the cartoon pirates of South Park fame. However, the stupidity doesn’t seem to be catching on. SV650s, DL650s, DR650s for the win!

  2. H-D has enormous potential to tap new markets for the simple reason they have an excellent dealer network. New fuel-injected motorcycles need access to local dealers to take care of the tricky maintenance issues on fuel-injected bikes. There’s not many other makes (except for maybe Vespa) that can service bikes anywhere in Canada. I’d like a new bike, maybe a 250cc to go to work and go shopping, but Harleys are too big for me. But I love the Harley dealerships, and I keep going there just to look around!

  3. That engine in the Pan America looks like it is made out of Styrofoam – it doesn’t look real in the video. Why does it always have to be a v-twin? If they built a new parallel twin or big single thumper I would be more inclined to walk into a Harley dealership.

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