Zero unveils SR/S electric superbike

Zero has gone ahead and done exactly as predicted, and unveiled a fully-faired superbike called the SR/S. Or at least, that’s the report out of the US today.

EV publication Elektrek is reporting it had a journo at a Manhattan unveiling of the SR/S today. Funny, our invite must have been lost in the mail! Anyway, here’s what Elektrek is reporting.

Although this is Zero’s first fully-faired motorcycle, designed for improved aerodynamics (and no doubt aesthetic preferences as well), it’s not a huge step forward as far as the actual motor and engine design goes. Elektrek reports the SR/S is basically a re-modeled version of the SR/F: Same ZF 75-10 motor, same 14.4 kWh battery. Same claimed battery range of 259 km in the city, 132 km on the highway, 175 km of mixed riding. Wait, shouldn’t that fairing mean a more streamlined bike, which should equal more range?

The official unveiling is supposed to come February 24 (next Monday), and we should get a Canadian MSRP and more details then. Until then, mosey on over to Elektrek for more information.

Otherwise, if you scour the Interwebz, you can find promo footage of the new SR/S. There’s a copy below, although who knows if it’ll be yanked offline shortly. That’s where the screengrab in the title comes from, though.


  1. A sporty touring bike with 132 kms of highway range, then you’re charging it for longer than you just rode it. With a base model MSRP $7,600 US more ($20k vs $12.4k) then the 2020 Ninja 1000SX (its closest ICE competitor), all this tells me is that a major advancement in technology is required before electric motorcycles can be considered a viable option for anything more than city commuting.

  2. I don’t understand producing a video that tells me about a bike but they don’t actually let me see the bike. Why would I buy a bike that they are too embarrassed to show me in their own advertising material? Can’t see it, can’t hear it. Stupid video. I will reserve judgment until i actually see the bike.

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