Harley-Davidson announces updated CVO Road Glide, Fat Boy 30th Anniversary,

Harley-Davidson has just done a mid-winter remix of two of its most popular models, taking the wraps off the updated CVO Road Glide (pictured above) and a 30th Anniversary edition of the Fat Boy.

The CVO Road Glide (part of Harley-Davidson’s Custom Vehicles Operations line) will get the H-D Connect feature for 2020, allowing riders to interface with their motorcycle through Harley-Davidson’s proprietary mobile app. It also has been upgraded to include Harley-Davidson’s Reflex rider safety system (an electronic safety suite with features like cornering ABS, linked braking and traction control). Its looks have been updated, now coming standard with Harley-Davidson’s Kahuna trim, a two-piece low-profile tank with lighted CVO logo, and a premium Sand Dune paint job.

Harley-Davidson also ships the CVO Road Glide with a Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth headset, allowing the rider to wirelessly connect into the bike’s infotainment system.

The Milwaukee Eight 117 engine is standard for 2020. Base price for this model is $51,399 for 2020.  See more details at Harley-Davidson’s website.

The Fat Boy gets a black-out paint job for its 30th anniversary.

As for the Fat Boy 30th Anniversary, it’s what the name sounds like: a commemorative version of the machine that debuted to much fanfare in 1990 (making one of history’s most successful product placement ventures a few months later). This will be a 2,500-machine production run, with every bike individually badged with its own serial number.

The 30th Anniversary has the Milwaukee Eight 114 engine, and is based on the Softail chassis, like all Fat Boy models. This edition has the engine blacked out, with some bronze trim, and when the light shines on the Black Onyx exhaust, the trick paint reveals the chrome shining through.

The headlight bucket, the handlebars and other bits are also blacked-out, which takes this machine in a different direction than the original, which was certainly not known for its stealth approach.

It’s also got a set of updated aluminum wheels, blacked out as well, along with fat tires for a factory custom look, says Harley-Davidson, The 2020 MSRP starts at $27,399. Check Harley-Davidson’s website for more information.


    • Well a real CVO man will have to get the new 131 cubic inch motor, for over 6 grand US, plus the labour. And then dip in the HD catalogue to make it his own. It will be quite easy to get this over 70 K out the door. This will appeal to a select few rich men who want a big motor to compensate for smaller assets elsewhere. Hey Mommy, look at me, I’m a big boy now! LOL Cam

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