Ducati’s “Superleggera V4” to be unveiled Thursday

Ducati’s sent us an email promising its “Project 1708,” or as the rest of the world has been calling it “Superleggera V4” will be unveiled Thursday.

Ducati’s been leaking info about this bike for weeks now; supposedly, it’s going to be a super-light version of the Panigale V4, with lots of trick bits made from carbon-fibre and unobtanium metals, to get dry weight down to an almost-unthinkable 152 kg. Claimed output is 234 hp and 85.3 lb-ft of torque (with the included Ackrapovic exhaust). Naturally, production will be limited, and the bike will be mucho expensive. You can find more deets on the bike (suspension and other running gear, carbon-fibre winglets and bodywork, etc.) in this write-up.

Word on the street is that Canada will see some of these machines, but don’t expect to see many. Demand will likely be as high as the price.


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